Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quick Hits: Bracketology Edition

Hey all, with about five weeks of basketball play in the books, a lot of NCAA Tournament brackets are being updated, and I've been very interested to see what everyone's projecting for the Wildcats as of right now:

  • ESPN's Joe Lunardi updated his bracket yesterday (12/14), and in both his preseason bracket and this bracket, he has us listed as a #12 seed. This is interesting news, to say the least-- when the media started hyping the prospect of us making last year's tournament, Lunardi continued leaving us off of his bracket. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come? Also noteworthy: he has the 'Cats automatically in the field of 64 instead of running a play-in game.
  • Fellow blogger Bracketology 101 is even a little more optimistic. His Dec. 13 bracket has us as an 11th seed, along with the likes of UCF, Cleveland State and Virginia (who has a resume win against Minnesota). Also of note: We would play That School in South Bend in the opening round.
  • The home of Wildcat blogger Sippin on Purple, SBNation also has NU placed as an 11 seed. What's troubling, though, is the dropping of Michigan State to a 6 seed(!) and Purdue to an 8 seed.
  • Although not in the form of a bracket, Bleacher Report places the 'Cats as an 11 seed. North Carolina State also makes an appearance here as an 11, despite the fact that they got absolutely crushed by Wisconsin in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge.
  • The Hoops Report puts a slight on the 'Cats, leaving them off the bracket altogether. Moreover, we're not even in the First Four Out. This bracket is very interesting, as it's one of the few brackets that features only 6 Big Ten teams in the tournament.

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