Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quick Hits: Review of PSU-NU Game, Looking Ahead

Some thoughts from the past week:

  • First things first: Congratulations to JoePa for getting career victory #400. I hate the fact that it had to come against us, but it's a testament to both his longevity and his ability to put a quality team on the field, year-in and year-out. The Nittany Lions will really miss you when you decide to leave.
  • In the abbreviated poll from last week on QB Evan Watkins' playing time, we saw a 50-50 split. Half of the voters believed he would get no playing time while the other half thought he would spell Dan Persa for a series or two. As it turned out, Watkins ended up warming the bench, although perhaps he could have contributed to warming up an ice-cold offense in the second half.
  • Speaking of ice-cold, when was the last time that NU gave up five touchdowns in five consecutive drives? Oh wait, I know this one... October 21, 2006, the infamous "MSU Comeback Game." I remember chanting "Score-board!" after they scored the first touchdown. Since that game, I've vowed never to use that chant again.
  • Jeremy Ebert is, IMHO, the best receiver in the Big Ten. He's averaging about 85 yards a game and has 7 TDs on the year. Only one team has managed to neutralize him so far (Michigan State).
  • Which Illinois defense will we see at Wrigley? I hope it's the one that tried to play against Michigan this past weekend and gave up 676 yards(!!!) in a 3-OT heartbreaker at the Big House. We need to save face and win ONE more game, at least. I don't want our first bowl win in 65 years to be at Ford Field.
  • Damn you RichRod, you might have actually saved your job for this year. Unfortunately, you play Purdue this week and you'll have another win in your pocket. I really hope you guys decide to stumble.

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