Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Momentum Game, Week 6: Where "P" Doesn't Equal "mv"

The title above is for all the physics nerds out there. Represent. Now that we've moved into conference play, the Momentum Game is shaking up quite a bit. Several teams have suddenly stopped in their tracks, while others have gained some traction and are moving on up. Northwestern might be slowing down due to some lackluster wins, but hey... would you rather have lost a game?

Without further ado, here are our competitors in The Momentum Game:

1. Ohio State (W4 v Ohio, W4 v Eastern Michigan, W2 @ Illinois)
Well, that last one wasn't quite so easy now, was it? It's funny how games can become a lot harder when you actually take it to the road. That said, this is still the team to beat. Last Week: #1

2. Michigan State (W1 v Notre Dame, W2 v Northern Colorado, W2 v Wisconsin)
No head coach? No problem. This team has definitely stepped it up in recent weeks, but they haven't played anyone on the road yet. I'll be interested in seeing what happens in the Big House on Saturday. LW: #3

3. Iowa (L1 @ Arizona, W4 v Ball State, W3 v Penn State)
That whole debacle in the desert is already feeling about two months away. If your team has a marginal offense, it's guaranteed that Iowa will shut it down on you.  (I hope that I've just lulled whatever Iowa fans who happen onto this blog into a false sense of security...) LW: #5

4. Michigan (W1 v Massachusetts, W3 v Bowling Green, W2 @ Indiana)
So are opposing defenses really just plain awful, or do they look awful on paper because D-Rob makes them look that way? Is Michigan's defense just plain awful, or is it because Rich-Rod makes it look that way? LW: #6

5. Northwestern (W2 @ Rice, W1 v Central Michigan, W1 @ Minnesota)
Okay, Minnesota is awful, right? Well, we played just about as awful as they are, on the road, and still managed a win. Not pretty, but still undefeated. LW: #4
6. Wisconsin (W1 v Arizona State, W4 v Austin Peay, L2 @ Michigan State)
Now I understand why the Badgers nearly lost to Arizona State. The offense hasn't been very opportunistic at all and got absolutely manhandled by the Spartans, despite nabbing three turnovers from MSU. LW: #2
7. Penn State (W3 v Kent State, W2 v Temple, L3 @ Iowa)
The Nittany Lions' two losses have been road games against defenses with something slightly more than just a pulse. LW: #7

8. Indiana (W2 @ Western Kentucky, W2 @ Akron, L2 v Michigan)
QB Ben Chappell is like Denard Robinson, except he has a second pair of arms where his legs should be. Will he survive life in the backfield throwing 50-60 times against Big Ten opponents? LW: #8

9. Purdue (W2 v Ball State, L2 v Toledo, Off)
Replacement QB Rob Henry gets the start this week in place of the injured Robert Marve. Freshman quarterback + first start + season-salvaging game under the lights + on the road = big trouble. LW: #10
10. Illinois (W1 v Northern Illinois, Off, L2 v Ohio State)
So, the Fighting Zookers decided to show up against Ohio State last weekend. The only problem is that Head Zooker decided to send his team to the showers 10 minutes too early. LW: #9

11. Minnesota (L2 v USC, L2 v Northern Illinois, L1 v Northwestern)
What do Les Miles and Tim Brewster have in common? Both are documented head cases on the hot seat. I think it's just as easy to explain how Miles' team could be 1-4 right now. LW: #11

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