Friday, October 22, 2010

The Momentum Game, Week 8: Two Weeks Later

Since I didn't post last week, I'm sure you'll see a lot more moving around in the Momentum game. Much of the college football world has been shaken up, including Alabama's loss to South Carolina, Nebraska's first loss of the season, and LSU's unwillingness to just up and die for a game. Les Miles, why do you torture me so?

Of course, we need to talk Big Ten here. That said, here are our competitors in this week's Momentum Game:

1. Michigan State (W2 v Wisconsin, W3 @ Michigan, W3 v Illinois)
Pointers to every college football team trying to figure out how to win games: 1.) Protect the football. 2.) Don't suck on special teams. Two Weeks Ago: #2

2. Iowa (W3 v Penn State, Off, W2 @ Michigan)
The Hawkeyes had a week off to recover and figure out how to stop Denard Robinson in the Big House. Looks like the plan worked. TWA: #3

3. Purdue (Off, W1 @ Northwestern, W2 v Minnesota)
Alright, I'll give the Boilermakers credit. They've managed to work out some of their issues and get their offense going without Robert Marve. Unfortunately, you're going to Columbus this weekend to face a team that's fuming from their road loss last week. Ouch! TWA: #9

4. Wisconsin (L2 @ Michigan State, W3 v Minnesota, W2 v Ohio State)
Badgers, thank you from the bottom of our butts for beating the Buckeyes last weekend. (Our butts are bigger than our hearts.) TWA: #6
5. Ohio State (W2 @ Illinois, W4 v Indiana, L2 @ Wisconsin)
Everyone outside of Columbus had to have been cheering over last week. Unfortunately, it won't happen a second consecutive week, as they host Purdue tomorrow. TWA: #1
6. Northwestern (W1 @ Minnesota, L1 v Purdue, Off)
This offense needs to come out swinging against Michigan State this weekend. Otherwise, our beloved 'Cats might find themselves huddled up with Minnesota, going in the wrong direction in the Momentum Game. Please don't let that happen! TWA: #5
7. Michigan (W2 @ Indiana, L3 v Michigan State, L2 v Iowa)
My wish for this year was that I got to see RichRod fired at the end of the season. Unfortunately, I don't think that's going to happen. The silver lining? People will shut up about Denard Robinson -- for a while, at least. TWA: #4

8. Illinois (L2 v Ohio State, W3 @ Penn State, L3 @ Michigan State)
You can tell this team's running a new quarterback -- they're not that consistent on offense. Michigan State made them completely one-dimensional. TWA: #10

9. Indiana (L2 v Michigan, L4 @ Ohio State, W1 v Arkansas State)
Congratulations, Hoosiers. You managed to go undefeated in by FAR, the easiest non-con schedule I've seen in my life. Too bad I've got you pegged for one Big Ten win this year and no bowl. TWA: #8

10. Penn State (L3 @ Iowa, L3 v Illinois, Off) Three-word analysis of QB Robert Bolden: Deer, meet headlights. TWA: #7

11. Minnesota (L1 v Northwestern, L3 @ Wisconsin, L2 @ Purdue)
So the Tim Brewster era is (mercifully) over in Minnesota. Now the question is, will they be able to figure out how to win any game the rest of the season? TWA: #11

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