Friday, October 29, 2010

The Momentum Game, Week 9: Before the Panic Button

Not really sure what to say about the BCS. I think that regardless of what Boise State does, there will always be a team waiting in the wings to jump them. They might yet have hope if Nevada continues to win, however. Look for the upset special against Auburn and Oregon, the top two teams in the BCS. Okay, maybe just Oregon. Auburn is playing hapless Ole Miss this week.

Meanwhile, a minor upset and a big beatdown shake up things for this week, but that's about it. With no more rambling from me, here are this week's participants in the Momentum Game:

1. Michigan State (W3 @ Michigan, W3 v Illinois, W1 @ Northwestern)
Is Michigan State this year's Iowa? If they win against the Hawkeyes this weekend, there's very little to stop them from going undefeated and leapfrogging Boise State to play in the BCS Championship Game. Last Week: #1 

2. Wisconsin (W3 v Minnesota, W2 v Ohio State, W1 @ Iowa)
Two consecutive weeks, two big wins against big-name teams. Another team that could run the rest of the season undefeated and into a BCS bowl with their remaining schedule. LW: #4 

3. Ohio State (W4 v Indiana, L2 @ Wisconsin, W4 v Purdue)
As predicted, OSU came out extremely pissed off about their loss to Wisconsin and used Purdue as a punching bag. What I didn't expect was a complete shutout, though. LW: #5 

4. Illinois (W3 @ Penn State, L3 @ Michigan State, W3 v Indiana)
The offense is schizophrenic at times, but I'm inclined to believe that their defense is something to be of concern as an opponent. Start circling the Wrigley game a few more times, 'Cats fans. LW: #8

5. Iowa (Off, W2 @ Michigan, L1 v Wisconsin)
Reality Check: This year's Hawkeyes are really not different from last year's team. The only difference is that they're not getting the big breaks like last year. That, and Ricky Stanzi hasn't exactly cost them games either. Wait, how is that last one any different...? LW: #2
6. Purdue (W1 @ Northwestern, W2 v Minnesota, L4 @ Ohio State) 
There was no hope for this battered team going into Columbus. OSU wiped the floor with them in The Horseshoe. This week is a visit to Illinois with a chance to get back on track for a bowl bid.
LW: #3

7. Penn State (L3 v Illinois, Off, W2 @ Minnesota)
I'm not sure whether to call the win against Minnesota a legit win or just an aberration. We know they have at least a decent defense. But can they really stand a potential shootout against Michigan? LW: #10 

8. Northwestern (L1 v Purdue, Off, L1 v Michigan State)
As I feared, the close loss sent our beloved 'Cats momentum in the wrong direction. The plus side? Their two losses were really competitive games. The down side? Both were home games. LW: #6
9. Michigan (L3 v Michigan State, L2 v Iowa, Off)
Looking at the schedule ahead, there's a real chance that Michigan loses the remainder of their games. Okay, they'll probably win one. Hey Wolverines, will RichRod still be your coach with a 6-6 record? LW: #7
10. Indiana (L4 @ Ohio State, W1 v Arkansas State, L3 @ Illinois)
Maybe Illinois is actually a lot better than they let on. Or maybe it's just that Indiana's defense is so bad that the Wildcats should put 35-40 on them without breaking a sweat. If they don't, I'll be ready to hit the panic button. LW: #9
11. Minnesota (L3 @ Wisconsin, L2 @ Purdue, L2 v Penn State)
Penn State went ahead and euthanized the Gophers with a 33-21 win in TCF Bank Stadium. No matter how hard they try, this Minnesota offense continues to misfire, while their defense allowed a mediocre Penn State offense to hang four touchdowns on them, two with their backup QB. TWA: #11

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